Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions.

What are the prerequisites for applying to one of ISAE-SUPAERO advanced master programs?

Except for the MS IEVex program, an engineering degree or a master degree (or equivalent foreign degree) or a bachelor degree with 3 years of professional experience.

Are advanced masters open to graduates from foreign higher education establishments?

Yes, applicants may hold a Master's Degree or Bachelor's Degree with 3 years of professional experience.

Can I apply to more than one advanced master program? If so, how many?

It is possible to apply to 3 advanced master programs with the same application, with the programs ranked in order of interest.

What is the process for admission to ISAE-SUPAERO advanced master's programs?

The applicant must apply on ISAE-SUPAERO website. Any complete application received by the application deadline is reviewed by the admission committee.

Is there an interview in the admission process?

No, there is no interview required, but it is possible to meet with the orientation leaders or heads of program during the phase before application.

Which admission committee do I need to apply to?

It is recommended that the applicant apply far before the deadline to increase the chance of admission.

Do I need to wait to obtain my engineering degree (or equivalent French baccalaureate + 5) before applying to the advanced master's program?

No. You can apply during the year in which you will get  your degree. It will be requested at the beginning of the school year, in September.

What English tests are accepted by ISAE admission committee?

TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS ., proving a C1 level (advanced score)

I am a graduate from an English-speaking establishment, do I need to take the English test?

The master's program admission office may waive the English language test for professionals who use English as job language (Employer certificate required)

Who should I ask for the required letters of recommendation?

If you are still a student, at least one letter should come from a professor and/or one letter from a professional who trained you during an internship. If you are a professional, attach 2 letters written by executives or managers.

Which transcripts must I include in my application?

Grades for all engineering programs or grades from the last 3 years of higher education.

Does ISAE-SUPAERO offer scholarships?

 ISAE-SUPAERO offers very few scholarships to advanced master students in "TAS Aero" and "EMS". See other funding possibilities on the following link: financial aids

I'm interested in flight testing, can I apply for the IEVex advanced master?

No. The MS IEVex is dedicated to test engineers and pilots selected by EPNER.

ISAE offers a advanced master with a “flight testing” option: the advanced Aeronautical Engineering master with the Flight Test Engineering option, which has the same prerequisites as the other advanced master's programs.

Is it possible to follow a advanced master's program while working?

For professionals, it is possible (for some programs only) to study in a advanced master's program over a period of 2 years, alternating studies and professional activity. Contact us if this possibility interests you.

How is tuition paid?

Of the tuition total, a €1,000 installment (non-refundable) is due upon notification from the admission committee to confirm your intention to enroll in ISAE advanced master's program.

The balance must be paid by the first day of school, in September.

Is there campus housing?

Since housing capacity is very limited on SUPAERO and ENSICA campuses, ISAE gives housing priority to foreign students according to availability. All students are provided information to help them find housing that is appropriate for their needs, nearby ISAE and downtown.

For more information, see the Ariane guide edited by the city of Toulouse:

What budget should I foresee for one year of studies at ISAE?

In addition to tuition, students should plan for a monthly budget of around €700 (housing, food, transportation, insurance, miscellaneous costs)